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The Laws of Entertainment provides an insightful look at the laws, trends and topical issues of all things entertainment. Hosted by Lisa Bonner, an uber opinionated 19 year veteran of entertainment and media law, Lisa and her guests take you on a fun, entertaining, behind the scenes look at this business of entertainment. If it’s in the zeitgeist, we’re talking about it; if it’s a current issue in intellectual property law, you’re hearing about it. You’ll be a little more entertained and a lot more informed.
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Jul 26, 2016

Donyell McCullough is a talent executive with over 20 years of experience managing and recruiting talent for notable television projects. After 15 years of booking and casting celebrity guests and hosts while respectively managing with her own company and freelancing, Donyell took her talents in house as a talent executive to BET and then to TVOne. At TVONe, Donyell is the Head of Casting & Talent, where she is responsible for identifying and recruiting talent for the network's programming. Donyell has a knack for spotting and identifying talent and has the unique ability to connect with all people. 

Lisa and Donyell discuss how Donyell got started in this business, how she developed a personal database of over 500 connections and booked over a 1,000 guests, and what it takes to have staying power as a female in a male-dominated business. These long term friends also discuss the importance of branding yourself, having your business together, and how being kind (yet firm) in this business goes a long way. 

Jul 2, 2016

Lawrence Washington A.K.A. "Miss Lawrence" is the gender-bending, non-conformist, fashion-flexible celebrity-hairstylist, singer, actor, and LGBTQ advocate. Miss Lawrence has been styling hair for the past 20 years and discusses how he took his knack for styling hair and turned that into a thriving business through mentoring, education, and training. His styling led him to become friends with some of the Real Housewives of Atlanta (before they were famous) and walks us through how those non paid appearances led him to a co-host on Bravo's Fashion Queens, to guest star on Lee Daniels' Empire and as a recurring character on the upcoming Lee Daniels' project "Star" on Fox. Through his celebrity, he has become an advocate for LGBTQ rights and we discuss his thoughts on the unspeakable tragedy that unfolded at the Orlando nightclub Pulse and how he is using his voice in to raise awareness about issues affecting the LGBTQ community.