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The Laws of Entertainment provides an insightful look at the laws, trends and topical issues of all things entertainment. Hosted by Lisa Bonner, an uber opinionated 19 year veteran of entertainment and media law, Lisa and her guests take you on a fun, entertaining, behind the scenes look at this business of entertainment. If it’s in the zeitgeist, we’re talking about it; if it’s a current issue in intellectual property law, you’re hearing about it. You’ll be a little more entertained and a lot more informed.
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Jan 27, 2016
If you are serious about your handling your business in media, don't miss this episode. Lisa sits down with Christine Washington, an intellectual property and trademark attorney. Christine is owner of the consulting firm “Marks for Music, Movies and More.” Her international practice caters to the needs of artists, innovators and businesses in all fields of media (online and traditional), music, TV/film and general consumer products. Christine has handled trademark matters for Kraft, Marlboro, Jive Records, AOL & VEVO, and more. Christine and Lisa talk about the fundamentals of trademark and copyright, the differences between the two, what it each is, when you need a trademark, why you need one, when to copyright and how. Don't miss this episode, a primer for the fundamentals for protecting your intellectual property. 


Jan 19, 2016

Crystal McCrary is an award nominated producer director and New York Times best-selling author. Crystal a former lawyer, discusses how lawyering gave her a solid foundation to pursue her dreams of writing which ultimately lead to her career of producing content. We talk about  the business of writing and production, and the creative process. If you've ever wanted to write a novel, produce television or film, tune into hear Crystal share her wisdom on the business of entertainment.

Jan 12, 2016

Tracey Baker Simmons is a pioneer of Reality TV. Tracey and her business partner launched one of the first, and most successful reality TV shows, "Being Bobby Brown." Tracey sits down with Lisa to discuss her start in the business, from her days as a music video producer to making it in television and discusses her latest projects. Tracey also dishes on the business of television, from the basics of producing, availing yourself of tax benefits via minority owned business entities, retaining ownership of your product, what makes a good deal, "Frankenbite" and how other legal trends in the industry are changing the face of reality TV.